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Hawa grew up listening to tales from the Arabian Nights. Now she is currently working on her first fantasy novel.

A Few Notes On The Culture by Iain M. Banks

On August 10, 1994, Ken MacLeod posted an essay to rec.arts.sf.written at the request of Iain M. Banks. That essay is reproduced here: A Few Notes On The Culture by […]

Getting to know Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”

This past week we took a glimpse at Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman” On Monday we pondered over a passage. What are some of your thoughts about this quote/passage from Neil […]

Stay ‘ALIVE’ and Carry On – Book Review

No Spoilers, hopefully 🙂 I was really excited to read ‘Alive’ by Scott Sigler. It’s the first book I ever won through Goodreads. The giveaway was listed by Del Rey/Spectra […]

The Hobbit – Free Guides and References

To celebrate one of the world’s most treasured classics, we’re giving you free access to download The Hobbit guides and references. This free Hobbit Character Guide gives descriptions of  members […]

When global warming and sci-fi collide!

Hey guys, remember global warming? Yea, it’s still being talked about. Seems like we’ve been hearing about it forever, but as we see the drastic temperatures become a reality, it […]

SyFy Face Off Creations. HOW do they do that!?

Face-Off is a reality show in which special effects makeup artists compete in creating lifelike creatures.  They turn regular people into aliens, cyborgs, weird animal hybrids and all sorts of […]