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The Expanse “Windmills” Review S1E7

OK, so, sometimes you find a show you really like, but then, looking around the interwebs, you read so many negative reviews and negative comments, That you have to wonder […]

What type of Wesen (VES-in) are you?

Determine what type of Wesen you are. Take this quiz and see which Wesen from the tv show Grimm that you would be. *Side note: None of the results are […]

Extant S1/E4 “Shelter” review

This weeks episode of Extant picked up where we left off last week with Molly’s friend and Doctor Sam Barton having found herself unwillingly sequestered in an interrogation room at […]

The 100: Contents Under Pressure Recap

An exciting if not entirely predictable episode this week on The 100. We catch up with our intrepid survivors as Bellamy, not satisfied with rescuing his sister from her Grounder […]

New Series Premiere ‘Salem’ Review

When you get any show with supernatural overtones you generally get a bunch of girly romance twilight / vampire diaries-esque bullsh*t, a rather heavy tax you have to pay in […]

Agents of Shield – Providence Recap

In a world where the bad guys usually easily identifiable because of their skinless red skulls and questionable sartorial or tonsorial tastes, this weeks episode proved that beauty is indeed […]

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D S1E17 Recap

To everything…., there is a season…, and a time to every purpose under Heaven. Whether the Byrds song or the Ecclesiastes Bible verse was the “Turn, Turn, Turn” to which […]