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Keep the Secrets of the Cursed Child

Recently a video was released featuring J.K. Rowling, requesting that viewers Keep The Secrets. With Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts I & II  play now showing previews in London, […]

A Few Notes On The Culture by Iain M. Banks

On August 10, 1994, Ken MacLeod posted an essay to rec.arts.sf.written at the request of Iain M. Banks. That essay is reproduced here: A Few Notes On The Culture by […]

25 Fantasy Podcasts to Discover

With podcasts becoming even more popular these days, we thought it only fitting to create a list of audio fantasy podcasts. Now you can keep up with fantasy news while […]

Getting to know S. M. Stirling and The Change series

S. M. Stirling is the New York Times bestselling author, a former lawyer and an amateur historian. His novels are generally conflict-driven and often describe militaristic cultures. He often describes […]