Getting to know Katharine Kerr and The Deverry Cycle

Katharine Kerr is a science fiction and fantasy novelist best known for her series of Celtic-influenced high fantasy novels set in the fictional land of Deverry. These novels have hit both the London “Times” and Australian bestseller lists.

Below is our day by day recap of Katharine Kerr
and The Deverry Cycle:


Introducing the Daverry Cycle by Katharine Kerr. An epic fantasy series built on the idea of reincarnation and destiny. If we fail to fulfill our destiny, we are returned to this life in another form.sample

“…if we are masters of our craft, then we can both weave the forms and place our own bodies within them.”
― Katharine Kerr,
Deverry Cycle, Act 4: The Silver Wyrm – #2 The Spirit Stone


A bit about the Deverry Cycle:

Jacket.aspxThe first book in the Deverry Cycle is Daggerspell which introduces the readers to a young girl named Jill who has strange dreams and an ability to see into the realm of the Wildfolk. Little does she know that her experiences represents a glimpse into a forgotten past and a fateful future.

Four hundred years-and many lifetimes-ago, one selfish young lord caused the death of two innocent lovers. Then and there he vowed never to rest until he’d righted that wrong. He sees an omen indicating that a person whose destiny is intertwined with his own has been reborn, and sees the infant Jill in a vision. His mission, along with others are all bound in a struggle against  darkness. . . and a quest to fulfill the  destinies determined centuries ago.


Time for some trivia!

NevynThe selfish young lord who caused the death of two innocent lovers is known as Nevyn. Can you guess what this name mean?

A. The forgotten
B. No one
C. From afar
D. Nine lives

The correct answer was B. No one

Galrion’s father, King Adyroc, is infuriated when he discovers that his son has been studying sorcerry. Adyroc sends him into exile, taking from him all his rank, titles, and property. He even takes Galrion’s name from him, and gives him a new name, Nevyn, meaning “no one.”


Katharine Kerr, author of the Daverry Cycle, talks a bit about herself:

31SVrDm1M9L._UX250_After dropping out of Stanford University in the mid-60s to join several of the revolutions then in progress, I worked at a number of low-paying jobs, including a stint in the post office, while I read extensively in the fields of classical archaeology and literature, Medieval and Dark Ages history, and modern fiction. (I can muddle along in Latin and several modern languages, including the speech of rock-and-roll musicians.) When I tell people that I was educated in the San Francisco Public Library, I’m not kidding. .

The corollary is this: facing your fears is probably a good thing; but if you’re going to face them, you should probably try to be smart about it.”  – From the webpage of Katharine Kerr


Did you know that Katharine Kerr also goes by the pen name Kathryn Jordan? Here’s her reason why:

Flickers-683x1024“Yes, Kathryn Jordan is me, Katharine Kerr.  People ask me why I put a different name on FLICKERS, my new book due out from Kensington Press at the end of March. The book is so different from all my other work that I wanted to avoid confusing possible readers. Someone who enjoyed FLICKERS might be appalled by the violence in DAGGERSPELL, for instance, while someone who loves the Deverry books might not care for this straightforward historical novel.” –Katharine Kerr


The Deverry Cycle is a series of Celtic fantasy novels split into four quartets, acts, or series depending on what you prefer to call them. There are 15 books in total. The first is Daggerspell which was released in 1993. The final book is The Silver Mage which was released in 2010.Thesilvermage

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