Getting to know Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman”

This past week we took a glimpse at Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”

On Monday we pondered over a passage.

What are some of your thoughts about this quote/passage from Neil Gaiman’s “The Sandman”


On Tuesday we had a little trivia.

Which Batman villain makes an appearance in The Sandman?

1. The Penguin

2. The Scarecrow

3. Catwoman

4. The Riddler

For Wednesday we herd a passage from Neil Gaiman.

A word from Neil Gaiman on The Sandman:

“…two years later, we’re outselling “Superman” and we’re outselling “Batman” because they’re selling 80,000 or 60,000, and we’re now selling 120,000 because we actually picked up readers. By the end of “The Sandman,” it was the No. 1 comic, which is again a very odd sort of thing. How did we do it? It was all about the story. It was always about the story.”

Thursday we shared a short synopsis.

A magician/occultist attempts to capture Death to use him as a bargain in return for eternal life. Instead, she traps her younger brother Dream. After 70 years of imprisonment, Dream (also known as Morpheus) escapes and goes on a quest for his lost objects of power. This journey will take him through the gates of hell itself. It will also teach Dream an important lesson about relying on tools, and introduce us to Lucifer, John Constantine, and an all-powerful madman.

Friday we showed a clipping from The Sandman


 Saturday we reminded readers of the 10% off price cut on all books related to The Sandman

The Sandman 10% off sale ends tomorrow! See the collection of books here.

SM books

Thanks for reading! Next week we will be taking a look at  J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings”

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