Getting to know Sara Douglas and The Wayfarer Redemption series

Sara Douglas is the author of five fantasy series. Her first two series, The Axis Trilogy and The Wayfarer Redemption, brought the most attention to her as a fantasy writer. During her lifetime, she hosted a bulletin board where she encouraged creative thinking and constructive criticism.

Below is our recap of Sara Douglass
and The Wayfarer Redemption series:


“There is a winter ahead such as I think we cannot imagine, but remember that spring always follows”
-Sara Douglass, Hades’ Daughter: Book One of The Troy Game

Sara Douglass most popular series is the Wayfarer Redemption series which includes The Axis Trilogy, The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy and lastly, the Darkglass Mountain Trilogy. The first book written in this 3 part series was Battleaxe.

SaraDouglass_BattleaxeThe first characters introduced in this story are two unnamed women in mortal peril, one who is pregnant and one who has just given birth. The pregnant one is trying desperately to reach shelter during a snowstorm. She is an outcast of her people, the Avar, because she has decided to carry her child, conceived during a festival and considered an abomination. A group of demonic creatures, skraelings, watch as her unborn child brutally eats his way out of her womb, killing her. The monsters are delighted and decide to adopt the hateful child.

The second woman had given birth to an illegitimate child two days before, who she believes is dead. The child was illegitimate, and she is of high-born, perhaps noble, birth. After giving birth, she is taken and dumped in the freezing cold mountains to die. Her son, Axis, lives on to see the land being threatened by the Forbidden who was driven away a long time ago. Axis begins to question everything he has devoutly believed all his life after he meets two of the Forbidden who have been cruelly treated by the villagers. Touched by pity, he sings to the little girl, who is near death, and mysteriously saves her life. Even more disturbing than this, he is told that his fate is intertwined with a prophecy about a world in which the human and the Forbidden live side by side. Axis must find a way to unite the feuding lands under one banner before it is too late and the evil rising engulfs them all for good.

 Were you paying attention to the synopsis of Battleaxe by Sara Douglass?

Axis, the son of Princess Rivkah, meets two of the Forbidden. How does he treat them?

largeA. Arrests them
B. Sings to them
C. Give them shelter
D. Kills them

The correct answer was B. Sings to them

The late Sara Warneke, known by her pen name Sara Douglass, talks about writing:

“Writing was something I had always done well, and something I had always been at ease with, since I was a child. I always wrote: I kept diaries, I penned letters, I wrote novels, theses, lectures, talks, articles, non-fiction books. I don’t think I ever ‘decided’ to become a writer. I just did it as a part of my daily life.”

“…I always know how a series will end, and the basic framework of events, who will live, who will die, who will be happy, who won’t be. I generally plan out in great detail, writing out wall charts, scene cards etc. When I plan out a book I plan it around between 3-5 major scenes.”

– Excerpts from Suite 101: Interview with Sara Douglass and SFF World: Interview with Sara Douglass

The three part Wayfarer Redemption series by Sara Douglass includes The Axis Trilogy, The Wayfarer Redemption Trilogy and lastly, the Darkglass Mountain Trilogy.books

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