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Blood Mirror

Author: Brent Weeks

ISBN: 9780316251334 | Publisher: Orbit

Release Date: 2016-10-25 00:00:00

Availability: In stock


Product Description

The nail-biting continuation to the Lightbringer series from New York Times bestseller Brent Weeks.
When does an empire fall?
The Seven Satrapies have collapsed into four-and those are falling before the White King's armies.
Gavin Guile, ex-emperor, ex-Prism, ex-galley slave, formerly the one man who might have averted war, is now lost, broken, and trapped in a prison crafted by his own hands to hold a great magical genius. But Gavin has no magic at all. Worse, in this prison, Gavin may not be alone.
Kip Guile will make a last, desperate attempt to stop the White King's growing horde. Karris White attempts to knit together an empire falling apart, helped only by her murderous and possibly treasonous father-in-law Andross Guile.
Meanwhile, Teia's new talents will find a darker use-and the cost might be too much to bear.
Together, they will fight to prevent a tainted empire from becoming something even worse.
Lightbringer"The Black Prism""The Blinding Knife""The Broken Eye""The Blood Mirror"
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Additional Information

ISBN 9780316251334
Author Brent Weeks
UPC 031625133X
Binding / Format Hardcover
Publisher Orbit
Language English
Release Date Oct 25, 2016
Aditional Formats No
Additional Book Covers No

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