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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once. ” ― George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

City of Heaven

Author: Tom Terry

ISBN: 9780595512515 | Publisher: iUniverse

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Fourteen hundred years after the millennial reign of the King, the world has strayed from the principles that led to humankind's greatest era: the Great Generation. The principal system of faith, Royalism, has become a politically oriented belief system. Responding to the growing threat to their beliefs, factions of the Royalist Social Movement seek to restore the principles and former glory of the Great Generation.

High above Terra, connected by tethers stretching from the surface to sixty-four thousand kilometers in space, is the civilian space station City of Heaven-home to more than a million citizens. A futuristic Tower of Babel, City of Heaven is humankind's greatest achievement.

But, Ar'chaists, a radical sect of Royalism, are determined to force the world to bend its knee, with Ar'chaists assuming the Regency. In a single act of terror, they sever the tethers connecting City of Heaven, killing nearly all of its inhabitants and sending the city on a collision course with Terra, where millions more will surely die.

In space and on Terra, survivors battle for control and the polifaith movement reaches a crisis that threatens to unleash a new global faith-cleansing that will rid the world of Royalism once and for all.

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ISBN 9780595512515
Author Tom Terry
UPC 0595512518
Binding / Format Paperback
Publisher iUniverse
Language English
Release Date N/A
Aditional Formats N/A
Additional Book Covers N/A

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