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Echo 8

Author: Sharon Lynn Fisher

ISBN: 9780765376374 | Publisher: Tor Books

Release Date: 2015-02-03 00:00:00

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Product Description

"Echo 8: "a thrilling new science fiction romance from Sharon Lynn Fisher, the author of "Ghost Planet" and "The Ophelia Prophecy."
Three lives.
Two worlds.
Once chance to save it all.

Tess is a parapsychologist, devoting her life to studying paranormal and psychic phenomenon. But when doppelgangers begin appearing from a parallel world, all her training couldn't prepare her for what is to come.

Jake appeared from another Earth, shocked and angry, and restrained by government investigators for study. But when he unwittingly steals energy from Tess, it causes a ripple effect across two worlds.

Ross is an FBI agent, ordered to protect Tess as she conducts her research into this dangerous phenomenon. His assignment was not random--he and Tess have a history. And when those feelings resurface, Ross will have to choose between his love for Tess, and his duty to protect his world.

Additional Information

ISBN 9780765376374
Author Sharon Lynn Fisher
UPC 0765376377
Binding / Format Paperback
Publisher Tor Books
Language English
Release Date Feb 3, 2015
Aditional Formats N/A
Additional Book Covers N/A

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