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“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only once. ” ― George R.R. Martin, A Dance With Dragons

Mystery & Suspense

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  1. Distant Cousin

    Distant Cousin

    Al Past

    Who is trying to kill an ordinary New Mexican housewife? It's true that Ana Darcy Mndez has secrets even her husband and adorable twins don't know. One is that her countrymen have accidentally given t...

  2. Dr. Lively's Ultimatum

    Dr. Lively's Ultimatum

    Waylon Livingston

    The wary politician submits to the subtle pressures from the President's scientific advisor. He will listen to the far-out plans of a decorated weather controller during the Vietnam war. Dr. Lively's ...

  3. Follow the Golden Eye

    Follow the Golden Eye

    Henry C Warren

    "September 1954"-Internationally famed nuclear scientist I. C. Frostdisappears. Suspected of being too cozy with the Soviets, Frost, whohelped build the first atomic bomb during World War II, is th...


  4. The Comet Project

    The Comet Project

    Sands Rogers

    IS IT TOO LATE? A young researcher innocently stumbles onto a cover-up while interviewing one of the founders of Comet, Inc. Later discovering that this founder was his father, the surprised researche...

  5. The Father

    The Father

    Johnny Matthews

    Heidi gets pregnant and the painting of her perfection draws to a close. Heidi claims to have found the perfect man but to the surprise and shock of others the same man seems to vanish into thin air. ...

5 Items


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