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Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel

Author: Daniel Wallace

ISBN: 9781465408754 | Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)

Release Date: 2013-04-29 00:00:00

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Product Description

Readers can now get a comprehensive look at the complete Superman story from his birth on Krypton and arrival on Earth to his double life as a "Daily Planet" reporter and as one of the most famous super heroes ever in "Superman: The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel." Featuring beautiful comic book art from some of the best artists of our time, this book will allow fans to learn more about the villains, loves, and heroes who occupy Superman's world, including Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Doomsday, and more.

This all-new guide traces how the Man of Steel has developed throughout the decades, while examining the monumental moments that have led to who he is today.

Additional Information

ISBN 9781465408754
Author Daniel Wallace
UPC 1465408754
Binding / Format Hardcover
Publisher DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
Language English
Release Date Apr 29, 2013
Aditional Formats N/A
Additional Book Covers N/A

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